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1. What are course bundles?

Course bundles are a selection of premium courses catered to a specific role/interest that will help you get your career to the next level. Because you’re not paying for every course on the platform (just the ones you need), it’s way more affordable than paying for an all-access Pro pass.

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All of our courses come with professional EC-Council certificates of achievement that verify that you completed the course and passed the final exam (if applicable). You will then be able to share these certificates on social media with your peers and future employers.

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What You'll Learn

The essential system design basic concepts and related terminologies 

Malware protection techniques and how to defeat them  

Securing Linux based infrastructure and avoiding any pitfalls that may lead to breaches  

Developing a web application using Meteor.js  

How to use rootkit detection tools  

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Premium Lessons


Hours of Practical Learning


Premium Courses

Linux for Absolute Beginners 

Course duration: 7 hours  

Get started with Linux, app development, server configuration, and networking. Master essential skills needed to become a system administrator! 

In this course, you'll learn:  


Installing Linux on the system 

Setting up an integrated development an environment 

Developing a web application using Meteor.js 

How to manage users on a Linux system 

The command line interface 

Installing GitHub and setting up a repository 

Setting up a LAMP stack and deploy a web app 

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How to perform vulnerability assessments and how to set up and configure a SIEM  

Installing and Mitigating Linux Rootkits 

Course duration: 3 hours  

Learn about rootkits and how to secure your system to prevent the loss of your data and customers. 

In this course, you'll learn:  


Installing rootkits 

Using rootkit detection tools 

Using AIDE system comparison tool 

Securing Linux to prevent future attacks 

Developing security policing and monitoring systems for compliance 

How to administer and support Linux in your environment  

Linux Hardening Deconstructed 

Course duration: 12 hours  

Learn Linux security best practices with hands-on applications to protect your organization against modern cyber security threats. 

In this course, you'll learn:  


Linux security configurations and discover resources to help ensure that your Linux servers are properly secured 

Hands-on demonstrations of how to secure Linux filesystems; services; network configuration; system accounting; logging and auditing; access, authorization, and authentication; and system maintenance 

The best practice configurations for software updates, the sudo command, filesystem integrity testing, boot settings, process hardening, warning banners and Mandatory Access Control (MAC) 

How to secure host services such as inetd, NTP, CUPS, DHCP, LDAP, NFS, RPC, DNS, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, Samba, SNMP, rsync and NIS 

How to secure network services such as managing routed packets, handling ICMP packets, logging suspicious packets, reverse path filtering, handling TCP SYN traffic and IPv6 router advertisements 

How to configure your server to handle uncommon network protocols and how to properly configure the host firewall rules using either ufw, nftables or iptables 

How to set up logging and auditing by configuring system accounting, auditing, data retention, rsyslog, and journald 

How to configure access, authorization and authentication with good examples of best practices for cron, ssh-server, PAM, and user accounts and environments 

Tips and tricks for system maintenance, including how to configure file permissions on key system files and how to properly setup user and group settings 

How to detect malware and rootkits; perform a vulnerability assessments; and how to set up and configure a SIEM 

How assembly language works and interacts with hardware  

Linux Forensics 

Course duration: 2 hours  

Gain the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to administer and support your Linux OS. 

In this course, you'll learn:  


Administering and supporting Linux in your environment 

Managing and automating GNU open-source tools 

Creating, editing, and searching files and directories 

Essential design skills Connecting to network services 

Running shell scripts for automation 

Linux 32-bit Reverse Engineering 

Course duration: 6 hours  

Learn to perform real world reverse engineering on Linux 32-bit executables and develop buffer overflow, heap overflow, format string, and kernel exploits 

In this course, you'll learn:  


How assembly language works and interacts with hardware 

Locating or generating shellcode for identified vulnerabilities using learned reverse engineering techniques. 

How to use tools to compile, decompile, analyze, and fuzz programs on a 32-bit Linux machine to successfully find security vulnerabilities. 

Understanding the theory of how heap and stack overflows occur, and ways to exploit these conditions. 

Identifying and remediating overflow conditions 

Setting up a reverse engineering lab 

Understanding the inner workings of x86 architecture, function and return mechanics, and CPU registers 

Calling conventions used by Linux, and ELF fundamentals 

Locating and creating exploits for identified software flaws 

Getting hands on with local and remote code execution techniques in the associated context of the provided reverse engineering techniques 

Using debugging tools for exploit development 

Ethical hacking and pen testing techniques derived from reverse engineering and analysis 

Hands-On Binary Analysis in Linux - Part 1 

Course duration: 4 hours  

Gain technical mastery of binary analysis, from static analysis through symbolic execution, and learn how systems work. 

In this course, you'll learn:  


Tracing Linux process and how an ELF file gets loaded and executed 

Malware protection techniques and how to defeat them 

Building a command line tool Automating and emulating difficult tasks with Python 

Different software and frameworks like strace, ghidra, gdbserver, objdump, Qira IDA, Qiling and so much more 

Hands-On Binary Analysis in Linux - Part 2

Course duration: 4 hours  

Learn and understand the practical techniques used in static/dynamic analyzing software along with the Linux Kernel module and Rootkit analysis! 

In this course, you'll learn:  


Malware protection techniques and how to defeat them 

Rootkits and hunting them in infected systems 

Dynamic Binary Analysis frameworks 

Software protection methods, which can be used in malware or protected software and so much more 

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“This course offers good background information to help perform forensic analysis of Linux systems.” 

David S. 

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IT Security with Red Hat Made Easy 

Course duration: 4 hours  

Diving deep into the most crucial bits of securing Linux infrastructure. 

In this course, you'll learn:  


Securing Linux based infrastructure and avoiding any pitfalls that may lead to breaches 

Using the most modern tools to automate security instead of the outdated manual approach 

To proactively thinking about security as a requirement and not an afterthought